Miguel De Cervantes - 8.50
Two eggs, slab bacon or ham steak, shredded cheddar, tots, sour cream, pico de gallo in a flour or corn tortilla.

John Locke - 8.00
Two eggs, slab bacon or ham steak, cheddar, tomato, onion, and arugula on a bagel or toast.

Tennessee Williams - 6.00
One fried egg on house made rustic toast with feta and sundried tomato spread. + slab bacon or ham steak - 2.00

Dante - 8.50
Two eggs prepared to order, tots, slab bacon or ham steak, and toast. + bagel and schmear - 2.00

Ernest Hemingway - 6.00
Yogurt, granola, fruit, and honey.

J.D. Salinger - 9.00
Lox, capers, onion, tomato, and cream cheese on a everything bagel.

Bagel & Schmear - 4.00
Choice of sesame, plain, everything or cinnamon raisin bagel with schmear. + tomato, cucumber, avocado, and greens - 2.50


Fyodor Dostoevsky - 9.00
Turkey, provolone, pesto, mixed greens, and tomato.

John Steinbeck - 9.00
Grilled chicken, pepper jack, sundried tomato spread, mixed greens, tomato, and onion.

Franz Kafka - 7.25
Provolone, cheddar, and pepper jack on house made rustic bread. + spread (pesto or sundried tomato) - 1.00, + tomato - .50

Henry David Thoreau -8.00
Hummus, pepper jack, cucumber, avocado, mixed greens, tomato, and onion.

F. Scott Fitzgerald - 9.00
Grilled chicken breast, goat cheese, caramelized pears, and crispy shallots.

Amy Tan -10.95
Seared sesame crusted tuna with house sauce and slaw on ciabatta.

Jane Austen - 8.95
Grilled veggies with goat cheese and pesto on ciabatta.

Dr. Seuss - 5.00
Grilled PB & J on sourdough, powdered sugar on top.

The Kreuzberger - 9.00
Grass fed beef, cheddar, house sauce, mixed greens, tomato, and onion on ciabatta bun.*Served with fries. + bacon - 2.00, + avocado - 1.00, + grilled jalapenos - 1.00

Jack London - 9.95
Steak burrito with french fries, cheese, salsa, sour cream in a flour tortilla.


Ayn Rand - 10.95
Chicken, candied pecans, goat cheese, tomato, and pears on a bed of mixed baby greens.

Plato  - 10.95
Chicken, kalamata olives, onion, tomato, cucumber and feta cheese on a bed of mixed baby greens.

Albert Camus - 12.95
Seared tuna, hardboiled egg, tomato, cucumber, and kalamata olives on a bed of mixed baby greens.

Sylvia Plath - 10.95
Roasted beets with gluten free encrusted herbed goat cheese medallions, topped with pistachios on a bed of mixed baby greens.